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Ah, the age old question... Why is my WiFi slow?

A question guaranteed to shake the boots of even a seasoned hotel manager.


The answer is as simple as it is complicated however, we do happen to know the answer.


We believe there are 3 basic fundamentals of good WiFi and broadband itself luckily is one of these.


Check out our top tips on running a good WiFi network. 


If you need help improving your WiFi, we are offering a free WiFi health-check to all customers





Too few WiFi access points and your device won’t see the network, too many access points and you will create so much noise in the airspace that they are fighting against each other and users will not be able to connect, or will drop off the network randomly.


Coverage spill from other internal networks can interfere with your guest network so it is important to factor in your complete IT, WiFi and IoT strategy when designing a stable network. 



Coverage falls short when you don’t plan for capacity.  Not only are many travellers carrying multiple devices, hotels are connecting more and more to their WiFi networks from smart TVs to heating control systems, roaming credit card machines to personal tracking devices.


It is not uncommon to see up to 20 devices in a family room + your own hotel technology.


Can your access points handle all of these connected devices?  Is your cabling and switching modern enough to handle this traffic?



Once you have your coverage and capacity issues sorted the last piece of the puzzle is to source a quality stable broadband connection that does what it is meant to do.


Many business broadband companies sell solutions that are throttled or don’t have a support desk open at night… this is the time when you need your internet to turn up, not turn down.



Many IT providers lean on coverage and broadband to design a WiFi network however without taking into consideration all 3 elements of good WiFi, your solution will leave unhappy guests and poor trip advisor comments. 


Consider a cloud based solution that is well designed and constantly monitoring for issues and changes in your network & don’t forget to include all of your internal devices on the same WiFi platform, this can be set up securely to both protect critical data and save doubling up on hardware and support costs.

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