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Tired of poor guest complaints and negative trip advisor reviews?

Spent money on a new WiFi solution recently and still seeing the same complaint trends?

Older networks can weaken over time and not be compatible with newer WiFi devices.


Poor network design and bandwidth management can produce channel clashes and a network that is fighting against itself.


Consider getting a WiFi Health-check and Audit completed on your hotel WiFi network to see where the issues really lie & how to improve things. 


We will complete a 360 review of your network using Ekahau software and our experience to give you answers and advice on how to improve your hotels WiFi network.


Where are your problem areas


Do you have enough WiFi Access Points to cover the required areas.

Do you have too many WiFi access points that they are fighting against each other.


Are you using the right equipment, is it configured and placed correctly in the property?

Is the network switching or cabling infrastructure holding back your WiFi performance?


Coverage is great however WiFi Access Points can be overloaded when you don't plan for capacity.

Can you handle up to 20 devices in a hotel bedroom?


Is your WiFi network running the latest software with the latest performance and security patches?

Are your access points connected to a controller to constantly monitor for improvements?


Is your broadband up to the job?

Sure it might be fast, but is there long ping times and poor congestion on the network?


We will speak to hotel staff to find out where the major bug bearers are in the property.

We will review travel review sites to see what your guests are saying about your WiFi.

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