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hotelbroadband.ie are experts at providing broadband solutions to the Irish hospitality industry.​

We understand that hotels need support when many other businesses are closed.  Most broadband companies charge extra for 'Premium', 'Out of hours' or 'Enterprise' support levels. 


Not us. 


The evening times is when you need your broadband provider to turn up, not turn down.


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Our Signature support plan comes with all of our broadband solutions as standard and includes;

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Bandwidth Measurement & Control

Monthly Performance Reports

Helpdesk based in Ireland

Simple Billing

Constant market reviews

Dedicated Account Manager​ & Project Manager

Line bonding 


hotelbroadband.ie works with all of the major broadband providers in Ireland, moreover we know who the best performance operators are in your area.

When you work with hotelbroadband.ie we will recommend the best providers for your hotel based on speed, price and quality.

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Why is hotelbroadband.ie good at providing broadband for hotels?

hotelbroadband.ie are experts at providing broadband solutions to the hospitality industry.​ We understand that hotels need support when many other businesses are closed. Most broadband companies charge extra for 'Premium', 'Out of Hours' or 'Enterprise' support levels. Not us. The evening times is when you need your broadband provider to turn up, not turn down. Based on our experience we know what broadband providers are good in your area. Not only on price but also on performance. Because we are buying a lot of broadband connections on behalf of hotels, we can command volume based pricing - which we pass on to the hotels we work with.

Can I really get 1Gigabit Broadband at my hotel for €99 per month?

Yes! You can, well... most can. There is a unique fabric of core connectivity solutions across Ireland and because of this, around 40% of hotels can get this solution today where as the other 60% can either wait until it becomes availible or choose an alternative solution. Never fear though, there are plently of other options availible for Irish hotels and we would be more than happy to recommend a few solutions to you.

Does hotelbroadband.ie offer solutions in Northern Ireland as well?

Yes we do! We have relationships in Northern Ireland and across the UK with a number of suppliers including, Talk Talk Business, Sky Business, BT, Fibrus, B4B, Colt, CityFibre, Virgin Media Business and more.

How can I get a quote?

The process to get a quote could not be easier. 1. Complete the 'Compare Prices Form' 2. We will scan the market to see what your best options are based on price, speed and performance 3. We will email you back with 3 quotes within 24 hours and our recommendation If you would prefer to talk to us directly, call us on Ireland : 0818 253837 N. Ireland : 0330 808 7777 or email us at hello@hotelbroadband.ie

Who are hotelbroadband.ie?

hotelbroadband.ie is fully owned and managed by the team at CLEVERNET clevernet.ie

Why is my Hotel WiFi slow?

Ah, the age old question... Why is my Hotel WiFi slow? A question guaranteed to shake the boots of even a seasoned hotel manager. The answer is as simple as it is complicated however, we do happen to know the answer. We believe their are 3 fundamentals of good WiFi and broadband itself , luckily is one of these fundamentals. 1/ COVERAGE Too few access points and your guests device won’t see the network, too many access points and you will create interfence causing devices to be unable to connect, or just drop off the network randomly. Coverage spill from other internal networks can interfere with your guest network so it is important to factor in your complete IT, WiFi and IoT strategy when designing a stable network. 2/ CAPACITY Coverage falls short when you don’t plan for capacity. Not only are many travellers carrying multiple devices, hotels are connecting more and more to their WiFi networks from smart TVs to heating control systems, roaming credit card machines to personal tracking devices. It is not uncommon to see up to 20 devices in a family room + your own hotel technology. Can your access points handle all of these connected devices? Is your cabling and switching modern enough to handle this traffic? 3/ BROADBAND Once you have your coverage and capacity issues sorted the last piece of the puzzle is to source a quality, stable broadband connection that does what it is meant to do. Many business broadband companies sell solutions that are throttled or don’t have a support desk open at night… this is the time when you need your internet to turn up, not turn down. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Many IT providers lean on coverage and broadband to design a WiFi network however without taking into consideration all 3 elements of good WiFi, your solution will result in unhappy guests and poor trip advisor comments. Consider a cloud based solution that is well designed and is constantly monitoring your hotel network for issues and changes & don’t forget to include all of your internal devices on the same WiFi platfrom, this can be set up securely to both protect critical data and save doubling up on hardware and support costs. Get in touch with us at hello@hotelbroadband.ie or call us on Ireland : 0818 253837 N. Ireland : 0330 808 7777 and we would be delighted to talk to you more about a complete WiFi solution.

How long does it take?

A quick quote will be returned to you within 48 hours. Depending which provider you choose to go with installation can be as little 3 working days however some providers can take as long as 3 months. The average broadband installation time in Ireland is 14 days. We will let you know the projected installation time before you place your order.

What if prices drop after I have ordered?

The broadband market in Ireland is ever evolving, more core networks are being built in Ireland than ever before. As a result of this, prices are fluctuating and dropping on an annual basis. hotelbroadband.ie is completely agnostic to one provider, we will keep an eye on your contract term and whats availbile in your area. If something better comes along we will be sure to let you know.

Does my hotelbroadband.ie connection come with hardware?

Yes, all of our solutions come with a modem and router to get your broadband connection live. After this, if you require any further equipment for firewalls, WiFi or phones, let us know and we will be happy to get you a quote for this as well.

Do you offer backup or failover connections?

Yes. Depending on what you are using your hotelbroadband.ie connection for, we generally always recommend you take out a secondary connection as well. All of our quotes come with multiple options for primary and secondary connections.

What support or features do I get?

Many broadband companies charge extra for 'premium' or 'enterprise' support levels. Not us. All of our broadband solutions come the same 5 star features as standard. 24/7 Support & Monitoring Bandwidth Measurement & Control​ Monthly Performance Reports​ 24/7 helpdesk based in Ireland​ Simple billing​ & Constant market reviews Dedicated Account Manager​

Can I get help with IoT, Cameras, PMS or other systems?

Yes, we have lots of experience managing and solution building systems that depend on broadband for survival. Let us know what your requirements are and we can discuss next steps. Email us at hello@hotelbroadband.ie to discuss further.

What is Broadband Bonding?

Where speeds or broadband availability in certain areas is very low we may recommend bonding several connections. Broadband bonding is where we take 2 or more connections of a lower speed and connect them together into one device to give you a more stable broadband connection. This won't increase your speed however it will help to balance your internet traffic across multiple connections and improve your overall capacity and performance.